Fitness & Sports Assessments

Establishing baseline measurements to benchmark your fitness or sports performance is critical to developing an effective plan and exercise prescription.

We offer three assessments that will identify your areas of strength and weakness and will help you refine your approach to meet your sports or fitness goals—a fitness physical, golf assessment, and running assessment.

Fitness PhysicalThe Body Dynamics Fitness Physical is like an annual checkup, but for your fitness level. It is intended to help you meet your fitness goals, ward off health threats, and minimize your risk for disease. It includes a 7-point evaluation of your physical fitness, a summary report that identifies your strengths and weaknesses, and a personalized exercise prescription that suggests activities and exercises to improve your physical health and overall wellness.

7-Point Evaluation: We begin by establishing your medical and injury history, health behaviors, barriers to exercise, and your current health profile. Our therapists will then evaluate your:

  • Posture and alignment
  • Upper and lower body strength
  • Flexibility
  • Core strength
  • Agility
  • Balance and coordination
  • Aerobic endurance

Summary Report: Once you have completed the 7-point evaluation, you will receive hard-copy summary of findings, which includes graphs and charts so you can see where you stand relative to your peers for each the seven categories above.

Personalized Exercise Prescription: Your exercise prescription will include specific interventions for exercise dose, intensity, and frequency based on the results of your evaluation. You will get a packet of exercises that will target your weaknesses and a list recommendations and referrals to other professionals as appropriate.

All the information you will receive comes from population norms and evidence-based practices, blended with your input and the expertise and clinical reasoning of our therapists. We also have the capacity to track your progress over time, to help you determine whether you’re meeting your goals, and to provide guidance on how to get back on track.

There are three ways to take advantage of our Fitness Physical:

  • FitSTART provides you with a one-on-one Fitness Physical plus by two 55-minute personal training sessions. This options allows our trainers to help you understand and implement the changes recommended in your exercise prescription and to ensure that you are using proper form and reaching appropriate cardiovascular targets as you perform the recommended exercises.
  • Annual Fitness Physical is a special event offered 1-2 times each year. We set up evaluation stations throughout the clinic on a Saturday and bring dozens of clients through the Fitness Physical at a discount. With this option, you will get brief time one-on-one with a physical therapist who will help you interpret your results and you will be coached by a trainer through a basic core stability exercise.

Golf AssessmentPractice and drill work is an essential part of improving your golf game. But if you cannot complete an efficient and repeatable golf swing, you may struggle with poor performance and injury.

The goal of our golf assessment is to make sure that your body can meet the demands of a golf swing. To do this, we assess your strength, coordination, and flexibility as it relates to the unique demands of golf. The assessment consists of two hour-long sessions with our Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) physical therapist and includes:

  • Video analysis of your golf swing and form
  • Balance testing
  • Core strength testing
  • Range-of-motion testing in your spine, hips, and shoulders
  • Exercise prescription addressing the issues most affecting your swing

Running AssessmentWhether you’re a longtime runner wanting improve your race time or a new runner training for your first event, our running assessment can help you improve your technique and prevent injury.

The assessment provides a head-to-toe musculoskeletal screening and an exercise prescription tailored to your unique running needs. It consists of two hour-long sessions with our physical therapists and includes:

  • An assessment of your movement, flexibility, and strength
  • A biomechanical foot exam and recommendations for an appropriate running shoe for your foot
  • A video analysis to help reveal any errors in your running gait
  • A review of your current training program to ensure a well-rounded training approach that is assisting you in reaching your running goals