Manual Physical Therapy

Our physical therapists use advanced orthopedic manual techniques and empower you to take an active role in setting and achieving your functional movement goals.

Body Dynamics is a comprehensive center for orthopedic manual physical therapy. Our physical therapists have residency, fellowship, and/or advanced manual therapy and orthopaedic training that allows us to quickly identify and treat out the sources of your pain, speeding up the recovery of your full function.

During your appointment, you will be evaluated by a Doctor of Physical Therapy, who will establish and execute a specific plan of care tailored to your unique needs and will collaborate with other practitioners to ensure that all dimensions of your rehabilitation are appropriately addressed. Our promise to you: You will see significant improvement in 3 visits or less, or we will re-evaluate and pull other colleagues in as needed to ensure that we are progressing you in a timely manner.

To get you better faster, our physical therapists help you progress through the five stages of rehabilitation as quickly as possible while still honoring your needs and your pace.


  • Resolve tissue inflamation
  • Manage pain responses
  • Restore soft tissue and joint mobility


  • Lay down new movement patterns
  • Acquire consistent, thoughtful, biochemical and postural habits
  • Gain strength, flexibility, proprioception, and balance to support optimal movement


  • Develop a consistent ability to use the right muscles, in the right order, at the right time without having to think about it


  • Progress strength, speed, and power of new movement habits in functional activities


  • Cement lessons learned in the previous stages to ensure you retain healthy movement with balanced forces at the speed of life during your favorite activities