I suffered from pain for years.

Now I have my life back.

I had suffered from low back pain for years. The pain was interrupting my sleep and bothering me during my waking hours. I saw all kinds of medical professionals, but I finally got significant and lasting relief at Body Dynamics.

I worked with their physical therapists, massage therapists, and fitness trainers, and I did neurobiofeedback to help manage my brain’s response to the pain. Throughout my experience, the staff constantly coordinated with one another to address my needs at that moment. They were kind, responsive, and focused on helping me return to work and activities.

Thanks to Body Dynamics, I’ve been able to avoid surgery and get my life back.

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I had never exercised regularly.

Now I’m taking charge of my health.

I had never stuck with any kind of exercise routine, so when my doctor told me that regular physical activity would help control my high blood pressure, I didn’t know where to start.

I interviewed a few personal trainers, but at Body Dynamics they immediately “got it.” A physical therapist first assessed my strengths and limitations and worked with me one-on-one. Then I transitioned to twice weekly sessions with my fitness trainer and got regular acupuncture treatments. A year and a half later, I have lost weight, my blood pressure is down, and my cholesterol has improved.

Exercise is now a regular part of my life. Though I still have a long way to go to reach my goals, I know I’ll get there with the support and guidance of my wellness team at Body Dynamics.

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I was sidelined by an injury.

Now I’m stronger than before.

An old ankle injury derailed my running program and landed me in surgery in 2008. Frustrated with the pace of my rehabilitation after surgery, I came to Body Dynamics.

Their physical therapists were knowledgeable, professional, and compassionate and spent a full hour with me. They corrected misalignments in my foot and then helped me regain the strength I had lost since the injury. They also analyzed my gait while I ran on a treadmill and determined that I needed a running shoe with more flexibility.

Today, I am running again and have added biking to my repertoire. I continue to rely on Body Dynamics for little tweaks—a wrist injury in 2010 and weakness in my left shoulder more recently—and have always been pleased with the results. I feel lucky to have this team of skilled therapists in my corner.

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I was putting everyone else’s needs before mine.

Now I’ve rediscovered the athlete in me.

I had always been active. I played basketball in college and rowed competitively. But after having three children, my role as mom and caretaker became all consuming. I gained 30 pounds and old athletic injuries flared up. I hit rock bottom. That’s when a friend recommended Body Dynamics.

Their team of physical therapists, massage therapists, and fitness trainers helped me correct poor posture and faulty movement patterns that reached back 20 years. They tested my strength, flexibility, and body fat, and designed an exercise program that helped me build muscle and strengthen my core. They gave me the support and tools I needed to clear my mind and achieve my goals.

Now not only am I healthy and active again, but I’m considering competing in a marathon. Thanks, Body Dynamics, for reintroducing me to my potential.

If you want to discover your inner athlete, please let our team of experts help. Call 703.527.9557 to schedule an assessment.

I don’t just want to compete.

I want to win.

As a competitive skater, I put my body through a rough training regimen that causes wear and tear, so I depend on the experts at Body Dynamics to keep me competition-ready.

Weekly sessions with their fitness trainers have improved my core strength, allowing me to lift my skating partner without straining my back. Their massage therapists keep me flexible, and their acupuncturist balances my whole system before a competition. I also rely on Body Dynamics’ physical therapists, who helped me fine-tune my foot mechanics, which were throwing off my edging and causing me to lose power in my jumps.

With the national championship just around the corner, I’m ramping up my training and hoping to land a medal. If I do, it’s in no small part thanks to Body Dynamics.

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